Wave 31 Announced In Bushido From GCT Studios

August 31, 2016 by stvitusdancern

GCT Studio has announced their Wave 31 miniatures for Bushido.  The three miniatures included in this wave are: Jirobo - Tengu Descension, Korusea - Jung Pirates, and the Ran Fujiwaro - Jung Pirates. All three of these miniatures are crisp in details and like the other miniatures from GCT Studios look to be top quality and will definitely add some beauty to anyone's collection.


Jirobo is a great haiatake warrior, imbued with a natural talent in combat, he is able to judge his opponent’s subtle movements. The weight changed in their stance, the snatched glance that gives away their intent. This brave tengu is then able to adjust, either by counter attacking or building an iron clad defence of steel.


A warrior sister of the Fujiwaro, Ran has betrayed her sisters to join with Mari Jung for reasons unknown. A blur on the battlefield, her sai finding cracks in armour and hide alike to cripple foes with a whirlwind of keenly placed attacks.


The Korusea make up the bulk of the veteran seaman of the Jung, skilled sailors and warriors, armed with wicked curved blades which gut a man as easily as a fish. Their secondary weapon is a web woven from light but very strong twine, used to subdue an enemy up close or at range

Bushido is one of those games that has a devoted following and cross into such a terrific genre with the Asian Fantasy flavor. We have been following it with some interest for quite some time and when we get the opportunity we will give it a go!

Have you played Bushido?

"...look to be top quality and will definitely add some beauty to anyone's collection"

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