Community Spotlight: A Whopping Great Snake, Bushido Beauties & Kit Bashing Marines

November 4, 2016 by crew

We've got another round of awesome looking miniatures to show off from the community this week. There's a distinct snake theme surrounding the splendid and stunning sculpts that we see before us...

Hopefully, some of the work here from the Hobby & Painting Forum will inspire you to give a project a go yourself.


Nazombie by jodain

Leading things this week we're looking to something monstrous by jodain. Here we have the fabulous Nazombie, painted up to suit the Confederates of Wild West Exodus.

Nazombie #1 by jodain

There's plenty of nice work going on here when it comes to the skin of this snake. There appear to be a few details here and there that could use a bit of detailing but the skin work looks fantastic and I like the way the metal has been painted too.

Nazombie #2 by jodain

This beast looks like a properly frightening beast that you'd want to avoid on the tabletop. The bright green gives it an almost unnatural look to and you could almost imagine that the chemicals used during the procedures to make it into what it is changed it significantly.


Ito Clan by hunter82

Keeping with a theme of snakes we take a look at what hunter82 has been up to as he painted up his Ito Clan members for Bushido.

Ito Clan #1 by hunter82

The work here is of really fine quality and I like how all the ripples in the cloth and the muscles have been picked out using shading and highlighting. The shake skin looks great too and fits nicely to the rest of the model rather than feeling divorced from it.

Ito Clan #2 by hunter82

Even the more human members of the Ito Clan are looking nice. The added level of detail worked into the swords and other metallic components lifts those swords up from looking dull to deadly sharp.

Ito Clan #3 by hunter82

This particular model, however, was my favourite (above). I really like the way the blues and greens have come out, giving the model an almost ethereal feeling. You can go and check out more of hunter82's work on the link above and hopefully we'll see more Bushido models from him in the near future.


Converted Space Marine by vitor

Finishing things off this week we turn our attention back to the versatility of the Stormcast Eternal set and what you can do if you set your mind to it! Take a look at this Minotaur Space Marine by vitor which has been converted up using a Stormcast Eternal and some Forge World Minotaur pieces.

Vitor Stormcast Marine #1

The style of the armour works nicely for a more 'true-scale' Space Marine and the shoulder pads and helmet fit in nicely with the overall design. With that Grecian looking armour it had to be a Minotaur Chapter marine too that he chose!

Vitor Stormcast Marine #2

We're really impressed with what he's been able to achieve here and with a few Sci-Fi bits and pieces around the waist and that more futuristic looking sword it really has come to life.

...oh and he painted it too!

Vitor Stormcast Marine (Painted)

Rather bloomin' awesome I'd say. The more aged armour looks great and the bronze works so well with the deep red. A wonderful job vitor! You can find a full run-down of his process over on the forum post linked above.

Remember as always to get your own thoughts and projects into the Hobby & Painting Forum and support each other as we explore how to get better and better at painting!

Everything you post in there continues to inspire us and we can't wait to see what you do next.

What caught your eye from this week?

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