By Fire & Sword: The Deluge Charges Towards New Goals

July 29, 2014 by brennon

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By Fire & Sword is going great guns on Kickstarter with The Deluge and they have unlocked a new stretch goal and are heading on to conquer two more with thirty two days still left on the campaign, so plenty of time!

Brandenburgian Skirmish Set

The first of these unlocks is the Brandenburgian Skirmish Set that also comes alongside the free miniature and free PDF. The chap on the horse looks very ostentatious and hopefully that trumpet will be the rallying cry your force needs!

Brandenburgian Dragoons

Mercenary Infantry

Next up at the £22.5k and £25k targets are the Brandenburgian Dragoons with their rifles and a Mercenary Infantry set for your forces to pay off with chests full of gold. You can always trust them right?

At the rate the Kickstarter is going I imagine it won't be long until this next stretch goal is hit and you'll be looking at more miniatures coming out for the game!

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