By Fire & Sword: The Deluge Dice Sets On The Way!

August 7, 2014 by brennon

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By Fire & Sword is doing well on Kickstarter and the next stretch goals focus on bringing more dice to the table fashioned to match your faction of choice from The Deluge!

Holy Roman Empire Cuirassiers

Holy Roman Empire Skirmish set

As it stands the Holy Roman Empire Cuirassiers have been unlocked and the Skirmish Set for the same army is just around the corner. I think this would probably be my army of choice simply because I think they look the most brutal!

The Deluge Dice Design #1

The Deluge Dice Design #2

The folks behind the campaign are also asking you to choose from these dice designs for the factions. I think I'd have a bit of a mix and use the black and gold Holy Roman die but the totally blue ones from the top image for the other faction alongside the white and red. Get in and vote for your choice!

What faction will you take on?

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