By Fire & Sword Fight The Northern War On Kickstarter

July 23, 2014 by brennon

By Fire & Sword is powering through their new Kickstarter to add an additional sourcebook to their game. The Deluge: The Northern War sees new factions, new miniatures and of course a new book packed with history and artwork to look forward to.


The various levels get you a selection of different options but this is your starting point, unlocking the rulebook, some demo figures and of course a few freebies. The Deluge itself contains information on three new factions. Transylvania, The Holy Roman Empire and Brandenburg. As well as this they have restructured both the Polish and Swedish forces.

Artwork #1

Artwork #2

Artwork #3

The artwork is pretty awesome for the game and there are a wealth of different options for you to pick up from terrain to skirmish sets and more. The skirmish sets for example will work perfectly with their new skirmish scenarios that are included in the book.

Transylvanian Skirmish Set

Brandenburgian Riders

Polish Partisans

These are the unlocks that they've powered through already and there is a lot more on the way I'm sure. If you like this era of warfare and want to dive back into By Fire & Sword then you have plenty to check out.

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