Gather The Armies Of By Fire & Sword In One Volume

September 16, 2015 by brennon

The folks behind By Fire & Sword have announced that Armies Of By Fire & Sword: Volume One is just around the corner. This tome combines a whole selection of faction lists, new and old, into one volume where you'll be able to find everything on their skirmish groups and divisions...

Armies Of By Fire & Sword

Here are some of the new things you'll be getting as part of this book...

  • Cossacks and Tartars skirmish group - August 1651
  • Lipkas’ skirmish from fortress of Bar, 1672+ (both Turks and Tartars)
  • Foray of garrison of Słuck in 1660 (both Poles and Lithuanians)
  • Swedish (Finnish) skirmish under general Horn in 1658
  • Muscovites under Alexander Potyomkin in 1658
  • Turkish garrison of Raszków in 1674
  • Polish-Transylvanian skirmish in 1653 (only for Polish army)
  • 3x Noble levy skirmish group 1646-1660
  • Lithuanians of Pawel Jan Sapieha at Podole in autumn 1655
  • Muscovites of Semen Urusov in autumn 1655
  • Allied division at Ładyżyn – 18th July 1672 (Cossacks, Tartars and Turks)
  • Allied avant-garde at Brześć in 1657 (Swedes, Brandenburg and Transylvanians)
  • Swedes under Stenbock at Nowy Dwor in September 1655
  • Cossacks under Anton Żdanowicz in Poland in 1657
  • Muscovite border defence 1648-1676

...and there are plenty of older lists available which you can check out over on their blog post about the release linked above.

The team are looking to release this book towards the end of the year in December and with both a Polish and English version available at the same time.

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"The team are looking to release this book towards the end of the year in December..."

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