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May 16, 2013 by brennon

By Fire & Sword is a game that we saw while at Salute 2013 and it immediately caught our eye. The company, Wargamer, are now in their final week of an awesome Kickstarter that has bust through its target easily.

Update: The folks from By Fire & Sword have now added a video to their Kickstarter page which you can check out above!

By Fire & Sword Rulebook

Cossacks & Tartars

Ottoman Sipahi

"The By Fire and Sword wargame is a comprehensive system including game rules, historical background for the forces of all the combatants, battle group creation rules and scenarios, but most of all a huge number of wargaming figures representing all the military formations of the warring parties. The rules system allows for the use of a variety of tactics, formations and ways of warfare used during the 17th century by all armies participating in the conflicts. We placed particular emphasis on the issue of command and control on the battlefield and its effectiveness in various armies. Depending on the experience of gamers and number of figures available, as well as time and space for the game, By Fire and Sword battles can be played on 2 different levels. The number and types units available to the player depend on the level chosen. Game at the Skirmish level can be completed in less than an hour. The Divisional level enables recreating larger battles. In the future we will add new rules enabling playing truly epic battles. We hope that the Kickstarter campaign will help us achieve this goal."

As you can see it's a wargame filled with loads of miniatures for the period on a grand 15mm scale. It also draws on armies from the continent that you wouldn't normally fight with. The pledge levels so far include miniatures and even terrain.


Above is a selection of their 15mm Big Terrain but they also have smaller pieces for barricades and walls too. You could have a nicely populated battlefield within no time.

What do you think of this period of history and especially gaming in it? Could By Fire & Sword be your first step into the world of historical warfare?

Check out the Kickstarter for more!

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