Fantasy Flight Preview the Catacombs of Cadwallon

September 21, 2012 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games have released two previews this week looking at the expansion for Cadwallon: City of Thieves, King of Ashes. In this expansion for the game of thievery and guile your adventurers head underground in search of greater riches!

Cadwallon City of Thieves - The King of Ashes

The First Preview looked at the mercenaries that your gangs can hire when you head deep into the catacombs. Each faction can swap out a regular thief for one of the miniatures and cards below, adding a new level of fun to proceedings.

Shaana Card

Lucius Card

Iraem Card

Chufflock Card

And it looks like you're going to need their help. The Second Preview looks into the actual world you will be clashing with down there. All the different rooms hold mighty treasure but also great threats. One of them even holds the mighty Cyclops!

Cyclops Art

This should be a great expansion for an already good game. More treasure, more enemies, more glory can all be earned when you head into the dark of the Catacombs. All the miniatures are looking exquisite too!

Will you be buying The King of Ashes expansion?

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