The Arrogant Rich & Twisted Poor Get Rendered For Carnevale

January 2, 2017 by dracs

TTCombat have two new renders showcasing two very different occupants of the twisted city of Venice, a Foreign Noble and a Hybrid Gondolier.

First up, let's meet the Foreign Noble.

Foreign Noble Render

Foreign Noble

A visiting noble from elsewhere in Europe, the Foreign Noble has come to Venice to join the Patricians in their legendary debauches.

This new design really shows how arrogant this character is. To see him is to want to punch him in the face, which would probably be a bad idea as that sword is not for show.

Meanwhile, sculling his way through the city's canals, the Hybrid Gondolier is ready to guide the servants of Dagon to the heart of Venice.

Hybrid Gondolier Render

Hybrid Gondolier

This hybrid's deformities are far less pronounced than some of his compatriots, making him the perfect operative to infiltrate the city's more crowded areas.

With the fact that half of the gondoliers work for the Guild and the others are horrific hybrids, it seems you're taking your life in your hands every time you step into a gondola.

Which of these models do you like best? Are you excited to see more Carnevale figures?

"You're taking your life in your hands every time you step into a gondola..."

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