A Dashing Assassin Graces The Carnevale Canals Of Venice

May 6, 2019 by brennon

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TTCombat has added two new warbands into the mix for Carnevale as well as a dashing new assassin who is stalking foes along the waterways. Speaking of which, here is that Rialto Assassin, up for pre-order right now.

Rialto Assassin - TTCombat

Fighting for The Guild this fellow is a deadly addition to your force. He is quick, strong, agile and smart so there's very little that he cannot do. His skills and weapons allow him to take down the most heavily armoured of foes.

I would very much like to snag this miniature and paint him up like the best of Assassins, Ezio Auditore!

Deeper Denizens

One such warband that this assassin might find himself fighting against are the Deeper Denizens who...you guessed it, like summoning stuff from beneath the water.

Deeper Denizens - TTCombat

Bringing the deadly Raadru into the mix these lads and ladies have given up all pretence of hiding their true allegiance. They are out for blood, bodies and maybe just a few souls too.

Prince's Court

Next up we have more fighters, The Prince's Court for The Guild that may require the help of the Rialto Assassin. The set features some dashing nobles who have grown up learning the ways of the sword you also have two pilferers who are there to start stealing from your opponents before they know what's going on.

Prince's Court - TTCombat

I love cloaks, hoods and masks and I think that these would be fantastic to paint. You'd have a lot of fun with these I reckon, making them look royal and yet deadly.

What do you make of this new range of pre-orders?

"I love cloaks, hoods and masks and I think that these would be fantastic to paint..."

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