Carnevale Go For A Dip With The Aquatic Strigoi

August 29, 2014 by brennon

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Vesper-On have shown off one of the Carnevale miniatures you'll be getting when the new Kickstarter and the game itself returns to the canals of Venice next month. Would you go for a dip in those murky waters with the Aquatic Strigoi?

Aquatic Strigoi

Not a bad preview for the upcoming game but I'm not entirely sold on the look of the body and the legs for this chap. It might just be the way he's standing, or the angle, but he looks like his actual torso is a bit too long and his legs are strangely unable to hold the rest of him up. I guess he is a water dwelling and warped vampire creature though so maybe that's alright.

Are you looking forward to the different creatures for Carnevale?

Let us know!

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