Carnevale’s Gifted Join The Commedia dell’Arte

March 13, 2017 by dracs

TTCombat is showing off some more of Carnevale's super-powered gifted, including the never before seen Commedia dell'Arte.

A Night At The Theatre

The Commedia dell'Arte was a form of theatre in which actors donned masks and took on specific, extravagant character types.

Such characters include Pantaleone (a greedy old man), Il Dottore (a know it all doctor) and Il Capitano (a swaggering soldier full of false bravado).

Commedia Dell Arte Pantaleone

Commedia dell Arte Il Dottore

Commedia dell Arte Il Capitano

The Commedia is very much caught up in the carnival of Venice, so it is good to see such an iconic piece of the culture realised (it's also, incidentally, why some people say "pants" instead of "trousers").

The rules for the Commedia were included in the last version of the rules published by Vesper On, but I don't believe we saw any characters (aside from the Harlequin).

Familiar... Faces?

Aside from these performers, two of the games' more famous Gifted have also been redesigned.

First, there is Fadhila-Bint-Dahab.

Fadhila Bint Dahab

Fadhila has force field powers akin to Marvel's Invisible Woman. I am very excited to see this model as I felt that her original sculpt was one of the few models in Carnevale that didn't quite work.

Fadhila Bint Dahab Original

Even cooler though is the reappearance of The Aberration.

The Aberration

The Aberration was one of the most iconic characters of the original run of Carnevale.

TTCombat doesn't seem to have changed the winning formula of the model too much, although they have turned the gribbly up to eleven.

Aberration Original

Fancy a night at the theatre? What do you think of TTCombat's take on these Gifted?

"They have turned the gribbly up to eleven..."

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