Carnevale IndieGoGo Draws to a Close

October 30, 2012 by dracs

The Morgraur-Rashaar IndieGoGo campaign is drawing to a close, making this your last chance to pledge your support and get your hands on the rewards.

Carnevale - Painted Morgraur Rashaar

With only 19 hours left (at the time of me writing this), now is the time to head over and pledge your hard earned cash. If you do, you could be getting your hands on anything from a starter set for a faction to the entire Carnevale range!

Carnevale Catalogue

The IndieGoGo campaign has thus far managed to reach its stretch goals and is now only a small distance from reaching their final one. Come on guys, let's make that maid miniature a reality! My Patricians need someone to look after them.

Carnevale - Maid

So guys hurry up and head over to IndieGoGo for your last chance to help in the growth of the delightfully twisted world of Carnevale. Count Pantaloné demands it!

Count Pantalone

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