Carnevale Is Set To Return To The Tabletop!

June 12, 2014 by brennon

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The folks behind Carnevale are looking to bring this game of Venetian gang fighting and intrigue back to the tabletop soon with a message posted on Facebook this afternoon...



It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well, it’s been a pretty convoluted time for us here, but we’ve finally managed to clear out everything that was getting in the way and we’re gearing up to relaunch Carnevale the way it deserves to be put out!

So we’re here to give you a couple hints of what’s going on with us at this moment. We’ve just commissioned the miniatures for the Starter Sets of the two new factions that we announced on our last Kickstarter, in order to have them ready for… our next Kickstarter!

We’ve read all your feedback regarding our last campaign, and we will set up the next one better with the help of all of you. We’ll be putting everything together this summer, so we can launch the next crowdfunding campaign in autumn.

We will work hard to put the word out, and we will turn up the volume as the months go by. At this moment we expect to be super busy to put all the pieces in place - so don’t expect us to start releasing stuff right away. But keep an eye on this space, because we are coming back!


So while it was all quiet on the Venetian front for a while it looks like they are set up to come back with a bang. Were you a big Carnevale fan and what would you like to see change when they bring this back to life!?

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