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Feast Your Eyes on the Carnevale Showcase!


We've put together the images of the sensational Carnevale range for your delectation... enjoy... if you dare!

How to Play Carnevale: Campaigns & Magical Items


The guys explore the dark canals of Venice and investigate the campaign rules for Carnevale... including those rare sorcerous items available to characters in the game.

Magic & Science… What Madness can be Found in the Ospedale?


Masters of science and magic, the Doctors of the Ospedale spread fear and madness throughout the city of Venice... but why would you want to play these cruel madmen?

Subterfuge & sabotage… Why do the Guild Fight in Carnevale?


The Guild are an association of thieves and assassins, but what would motivate such a motley bunch to war in Carenvale?

Painting an Ugdru-Rashaar… Part 3


Romain finishes off his tutorial and shows us how to paint a simple water effect on the base of his Ugdru-Rashaar.

How to Play Carnevale: The Mysteries of Magic


Warren & Sam delve into the secrets of magic of Carnevale... will they emerge with their sanity intact?

Painting an Ugdru-Rashaar… Part 2


Romain adds some more depth to his Ugdru Rashaar from Carnevale.

How to Play Carnevale: Close Combat & the Art of the Duel


The guys take a closer look at close combat in the game of Carnevale and investigate the various combat options open to the seasoned fencer.

Mystery & Horror… What are the Rashaar in Carnevale?


They live beneath the waters... but what on Earth are the Rashaar... if Earth is even the right place?

How to Play Carnevale: Shooting & the Art of the Pistol


Warren & Sam take a look at the rules for ranged combat in the game of Carnevale.

Intrigue & Murder… Who are The Patricians in Carnevale?


The Patricians are decadent and murderous... but why would you want to play them in a Carnevale game?

Painting an Ugdru-Rashaar… Part 1


Romain begins work on a Carnevale miniature... one of those slimy & sinister Deep Ones... the Ugdru-Rashaar!

How to Play Carnevale: The Principles of Movement


Warren & Sam discuss the rules surrounding movement in Carnevale, especially the cinematic and acrobatic manoeuvres the game features.

Carnevale… Get a Starter set and a FREE Blister Pack!


To tie in with our Carnevale Week, the kind folks over at Wayland Games are offering a superb set of deals on Carnevale faction starter sets, plus some cool blister packs to really bulk out your force! You can view all of the bundles here, but here are a few that caught my eye!

How to Play Carnevale: The Basics of the Game


Warren and Sam take a look at the basic rules behind Carnevale.

What is the Background to the World of Carnevale?


Kicking off our introduction to Carnevale, Warren & Sam discuss the background of magic, science and horror that surrounds the game of Carnevale.

Join the Count as he Introduces Carnevale Week!


Count Pantaloné is here to give us an introduction to the shadowy world of Carnevale...

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