Carnevale’s Two Player Set Minis Get First Production Moulds

August 22, 2017 by dracs

TTCombat have shown off the first production moulds for the minis in the new Carnevale 2 player starter set.

Rashaar in Cups

Guild in Cups

This is our first look at the actual minis for the Guild and Rashaar that will be turning up in the box set.

Guild First Production Moulds

Rashaar First Production Moulds

These models are superb and carry out the promising designs we saw previously. The detail is pretty crisp and they are good takes on these familiar figures in their own right. The massive Radru-Rashaar looks as though its ready to pounce.

Stealing the show though has to be this painted up Doctor of the Mind.

Doctor Of The Mind

It's like he's staring into my mind!

Do you plan on picking up this two player starter set?

"The massive Radru-Rashaar looks as though its ready to pounce"

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