A Crocodile Of The Ospedale Lurks In The Waters Of Carnevale

February 2, 2013 by brennon

In the murky waters of Venice something is stirring and Carnevale is about to find itself introducing a new and terrifying creature. Check out this Crocodile of the Ospedale which is due out on February 9th 2013...

Crocodile of the Ospedale #1

Crocodile of the Ospedale #2

Now that is one scary yet beautifully terrifying model! I love the battered and war-wounded nature of the beast combined with all that scientific and mystical apparatus which no doubt tells it its masters bidding.

It's awesome to see more scary and frankly out there monstrous miniatures for Carnevale and I hope you'll be picking this up! Maybe you'll be able to use in the upcoming Starvation Campaign?

What do you think?

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