The Cult Of Dagon Grows In The World Of Carnevale

April 12, 2013 by brennon

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So earlier this week we saw the first model for next months Cult of Dagon in the Cthulhu inspired world of Carnevale. Now come the Officiants of the Cult of Dagon ready to plunge daggers into the hearts of the naysayers...

Officiants of the Cult of Dagon

These fantastic looking cultists with their sharp daggers and evil countenance will be stalking through the streets of Venice looking for any unfortunate sacrifices.

I love the one with the dagger held up high above his head, as if he is sneaking up behind someone ready to backstab. That's not to say the other fellow isn't great  as his motion and sculpting is superb too.

Is the Cult of Dagon your next faction?

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