New Dark Art Is Revealed For Carnevale

November 13, 2016 by dracs

This November, TTCombat have been revealing some new character concept art for Carnevale, showcasing their darker re-imagining of these already twisted characters like The Magi Rashaar...

Magi Rashaar

The Voice of Dagon...

Voice of Dagon

TTCombat have gone for a far darker and more gritty style that, I feel, really shows off the horrific nature of these characters and their setting. The Magi Rashaar is looking particularly alien this time around.



The Plague Doctor...

Plague Doctor

These concepts are well posed, with excellent touches of detail and I cannot wait to see them appear in miniature form.

Which of the various denizens of Carnevale do you most want to see re-imagined like this?

"The Magi Rashaar is looking particularly alien this time around..."

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