Diplomats & Monsters Come To The Canals Of Carnevale

September 4, 2019 by brennon

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TTCombat has been teasing some new offerings for the world of Carnevale this week as they started things off with options for The Patricians in the form of the Foreign Delegates.

Foreign Delegates - TTCombat

This provides you with some influence from beyond the boundaries of Venice itself, adding a sense of international aid to your endeavours as part of The Patricians. Two of the models are Nobles, an Englishman and a Frenchman, plus you have a Venetian Spy and two Merchants who are also along to help you push your agenda.

Merchants are obviously key to have in your employ so that you can swindle other traders and the Spy comes armed with a deadly Long Rifle which makes her perfect at taking out enemies from afar who don't do as you ask.

Monstrous Creations

In the not so fancy areas of Venice, the Doctors have been working on some new creations, namely the Monstrous Menagerie.

Monstrous Menagerie - TTCombat

You'll probably remember these warped creations from previous iterations of Carnevale. Well, they have now been revamped and updated for the new edition and are looking as terrifying as ever. If you wanted a heavy hitter for the Doctors then this sort of works that out. As well as the Doctor Of The Beasts you also have the Master Of Zoology here who are keeping these creatures focused on the task at hand, namely killing you.

Are you going to be adding any of these quirky creations and characters to your warband?

"If you wanted a heavy hitter for the Doctors then this sort of works that out..."

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