Fly My Pretties! Fly From Carnevale’s New Stretch Goal!

September 30, 2014 by dracs

The Kickstarter for Carnevale has less than two weeks left, but it is still bringing us some promising new stretch goals with new goodies coming for the Patricians and the Ospedale with something of an African style to them.

Adventurer Noble and Flying Monkeys Stretch Goals

The Adventurer Noble has ventured throughout the continent of Africa and returned with knowledge of that land's magic, which is great news for the Patricians as, much as I love the faction, they really miss out on the cool magic of Carnevale.

Even cooler though has to be the flying monkeys of the Ospedale. Well, technically those are apes, but who cares they look awesome! The grafted on wings look incredibly gruesome, and of course a baboon can be frightening enough without the ability to fly.

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