Take a Gondola Ride Around Carnevale

September 26, 2014 by dracs

A particularly exciting new terrain piece has been announced for Carnevale as a pair of Venice's famous gondolas appear in the Kickstarter's array of add-ons.


You can't very well have a game set in Venice without some of the city's famous sepulchral-looking transports. The great thing about including gondolas in the game is that they aren't like any other static piece of terrain, and there are rules to allow characters to scull their way across the Venetian canals, making the table setting all the more dynamic and interactive.

Now while anyone can pilot a gondola, the next stretch goal for the Kickstarter will let the Guild hire the expertise of a professional Gondolier.

Gondolierre and Hybrid Cult Officiant

The waters of Venice are hardly safe these days, as the new Cult of Dagon Hybrid Officiant shows, so this Gondolier is probably not a push over. If the Kickstarter can reach the £32,000 mark, both of these models will be unlocked, joining the Rashaar and the Guild and no doubt making the canals even more dangerous for my poor nobles.

I am really excited about this news as the game has been needing some dedicated gondola minis for a while now, bringing with them another characterful addition to bring this twisted version of Venice to life on the table.

Do you think you will chip in on this Kickstarter to get a ride in one of these gondolas?

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