Come Join The Carnevale As It Hits Kickstarter!

September 13, 2014 by dracs

The time has arrived as Vesper-On Games launch their new Kickstarter campaign for Carnevale: The Narrative Miniatures Game.

Carnevale Kickstarter

If you haven't already guessed, we at Beasts of War are really excited about this Kickstarter. Carnevale has to be one of our favourite skirmish games and it is great to see it returning to Kickstarter with such an awesome selection of miniatures to entice players in.


In this Kickstarter, Vesper-On are trying to gain funds in order to bring out a new main rule book for the game.

Carnevale Rule Book

Vesper-On are attempting to tighten the rules system to make it more accessible and even more narrative than it already had been, allowing for even more stories to develop out of your gaming in the canals of Venice. There will also be new background material as the world of Carnevale has moved on a bit since the first rule book came out, and the nations attempt to deal with magic now flooding the earth.

Most exciting of all is the appearance of the two new factions. The Vatican and the Strigoi.


First we have the Vatican Forces, come to Venice in order to stamp out the supernatural forces ravaging the city.

Vatican Forces

However, they're not as noble as they might wish to appear as the use of magic is slowly corrupting the church from within.

Next are the Strigoi, vampires brought together by the legendary Count Dracula.


These monstrous creatures of the night have come to Venice in order to make their way through the rent in the sky, where they intend to feast upon the flesh of the elder gods themselves.

Both of these two factions feature some awesome sculpts, and backers will also get the chance of picking up the free Kickstarter exclusive Strigoi mini.

Carnevale Kickstarter Exclusive

Of course, should the Kickstarter prove a success, which I think it promises to be given that it has only been live a few hours and is already over the half way mark, we can look forward to some stretch goals bringing us even more cool miniatures across the Carnevale range.

Carnevale Future Miniature Concepts

I don't even collect the Guild, but I want that Ostrich Riding Pulcinella!

Carnevale is a game with a rich and original background, enhancing a fantastic game mechanic that allows you to create really cinematic moments as you play. It is so good to see it expanding with some superb new sculpts for both the Vatican Forces and the Strigoi. We will definitely be keeping an eye on this one as no doubt more cool goodies will be appearing from it in the near future.

If you fancy donning a mask and taking to the streets of Venice, head over to the Kickstarter and pledge your support!

Remember to check out last week's Weekender where the creator of Carnevale joined us to discuss his plans for game.

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