Carnevale’s Kickstarter Builds A Statue To The Patricians

July 28, 2017 by dracs

Carnevale's Kickstarter has unlocked two more stretch goals, bringing out a new piece of terrain and a new figure for backers.

Statuesque Nobility

First up, we get to see a new statue showcasing one of the noble Patricians of Venice.


If you think this statue looks familiar, it's because we last saw it in the coils of a Rashaar monster.


It's really nice to have this before-hand piece available. It makes an excellent centre piece and makes it far cooler when the campaign ends with it crushed by the Morgraur-Rashaar.

Spread The Good Word

Meanwhile, a Priest is joining the forces of the Vatican in stamping out the corruption of Venice.


I don't know what incense is in that censor he's carrying, but it looks as though a whack from it could send you to God in no short order.

Which of these new additions to Carnevale do you think is best?

"A whack from [his censer] could send you to God in no short order."

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