Become A Martyr To Carnevale Kickstarter’s New Models

July 26, 2017 by dracs

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TTCombat have added new miniatures to the Carnevale Kickstarter.


These include a Martyr for the Vatican forces, weighed down by the burden of sin and a very big cross.

This lowly servant of the church shows his devotion by taking up his burden. And I assume hitting fish people with it.

He may have to hit a bit harder though as the Morgraur-Rashaar has wrapped its coils around Venice for this limited edition model.

Morgraur-Rashaar Limited Edition


Seeing it wrapped around that Patrician statue is a very cool image. You could imagine it forming the centre piece for an entire, end-of-campaign scenario.

Have you backed this Kickstarter? Do either of these models tempt you?

"Weighed down by the burden of sin and a very big cross..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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