The Nosferatu Appears in Carnevale’s Next Stretch Goal

September 23, 2014 by dracs

Vesper-On have announced their next stretch goal on the Carnevale Kickstarter, bringing two new models for the Strigoi and the Vatican Forces, one of which is none other than the Nosferatu.

Nosferatu and Lacrimosa

The Nosferatu are stealthy hunters, crawling through the shadows of Venice, vile creatures who strike where they are least expected.

Meanwhile the Vatican Forces gain the assistance of the Lacrimosas, nuns who weep tears of blood, suffering for both friends and foe alike.

These two models will be unlocked once the Kickstarter reaches the £30,000 mark. I am particularly excited to see the Nosferatu. Count Orlok's appearance has become a classic of vampire media, so it seemed inevitable that he would appear in some form in Carnevale.

Which of these two models are you more interested to see sculpted?

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