Painted Resin Miniatures Pop Up For TTCombat’s Carnevale

September 14, 2017 by brennon

It seems like production is going well for the TTCombat team Post-Kickstarter as they look to bring Carnevale back to the tabletop. A recent update showed off some of the resin miniatures making their way off the production line...

Upcoming Models

...and this led to one of their team getting out the paintbrush and actually putting some colour on these characters. I think you'll agree that they're looking rather spiffing.

Painted Models

The characters and sculpts for this game are looking awesome and it's nice to see the world of Carnevale going from strength to strength. If you were a backer of this campaign then you won't have that long to wait until this gets into your hands.

What do you make of these in-house paint jobs?

"I think you'll agree that they're looking rather spiffing..."

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