Progress Continues on Carnevale’s Creepy Puppet Master

September 25, 2014 by dracs

Over on the Carnevale Kickstarter, the concept art for the sinister puppet master designed by our community member Robert Chisholm has evolved a bit further by getting a splash of colour that shows off a few extra details.

Divorafuoco and Burattino

This pair is named Divorafuoco and Burattino and will be an independent character available for all the factions of Carnevale to take with them, while the miniature itself will be available as an add on and a free give away for those who pledge to the Kickstarter.

Now we see the concept in colour, we can spot a few details that might of escaped our notice before. Most notably is the glowing material escaping from the puppeteer's pouch. Could this be the secret to how he controls his murderous marionettes?

Are you enticed by Vesper-On's game? Have you helped to fund the Kickstarter yet?

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