Pulcinella, Cult Slaves & The Doctor Of The Mind Come To Carnevale

November 29, 2016 by dracs

TTCombat are continuing with to expand upon their new take on the world of Carnevale with new concepts and renders for the strange city's occupants.

First, we have those familiar agents of chaos; the Pulcinella.


The Pulcinella delight in causing as much mayhem as they possibly can, donning their familiar masks and white outfits to go out into the city to beat up any unfortunate enough to cross their path. They were very popular in Carnevale's previous incarnation and this new design certainly holds a lot of that mad-cap energy.

Following him, we have one of the Slaves of the Cult of Dagon.

Cult Of Dagon Slave

Cult Of Dagon Slave Render

The model design here is pretty good, keeping to a lot of the pulpy style of Carnevale and really capturing the wretched existence of being one of the Cult of Dagon's canon fodder.

Finally, we come to a new member of staff at the Ospedale; a Doctor of the Mind.

Doctor Of The Mind

Doctor Of The Mind Render

The Doctor of the Mind may well be the most sinister character to have come out of the Ospedale. The mask makes them utterly alien, while the grand cut of their clothing sets them apart from the more usual plague doctor. It's definitely a miniature I am looking forward to seeing on the tabletop, leading the mad in their quest for power.

Which of the new Carnevale designs is your favourite?

"The Pulcinella delight in causing as much mayhem as they possibly can..."

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