Pursue Fate and Justice in Carnevale

September 14, 2014 by dracs

Carnevale has already managed to get funded on Kickstarter and quickly smashed through its first stretch goal, a new supreme character called Fate and Justice.

Fate and Justice

This awesome yet mysterious supreme is available for any faction to hire. The sculpt is a very imaginative design and the render we can see now shows off some nice detail.

As well as Fate and justice, this stretch goal lets Vesper-On print the rule book in hardcover.

Fate and Justice Stretch Goal

After Fate and Justice, the next stretch goal will bring with it two more cool sculpts for the Rashaar and the Patricians; a lovely courtesan and the disturbing Flame That Burns Under Water.

The Flame that Burns Under Water and Courtesan

Yes, it's a fate woman riding an octopus. That miniature is going to be awesome! I definitely want to pick up that Courtesan for my Patricians, as I'm sure her charms will come in useful.

After this, it will be the Guild and the Ospedale who get some love, with long awaited ostrich riding Pulcinellas and an Unleashed Madman.

Pulcinella on Ostrich and Unleashed Madman

As well as this, the stretch goal will add a water pattern playing mat to the book, a welcome addition to help recreate the canals of Venice with just a bit of terrain.

All these stretch goals look really promising and the fact that they have been reached already is great news. I cannot wait to see what comes next.

If you want to pick up Fate and Justice, be sure to chip into the Carnevale Kickstarter!

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