More Renders Flesh Out The Upcoming Cast For Carnevale

December 30, 2016 by brennon

TTCombat continues to delve into the world of Carnevale and show off what's coming in the new year for this amazing tabletop game. See what renders have been coming to life over on Facebook.

Advanced Hybrid

We're starting things off with some warped and mutated creatures serving the dark forces that dwell within the world of Carnevale. Here we have the Advanced Hybrid above who is in the midst of raking some poor sucker with those claws of his.

Things are about to get worse as you run into the likes of the Flying Ape here who might not have the wings to get him off the ground but that won't stop him clobbering you.

Flying Ape

It's nice to see them delving into all manner of interesting projects for this game showing off the wide range of possibilities open to gamers who decided to embrace this world.

Some more human characters have also been coming to life like Sun here...


...and a Merchant who is clearly peddling all manner of illegal goods on the streets for both the forces of Good and Evil.


It seems like Carnevale is indeed in some good hands as these folks are pumping a lot of thought into these models.

Will you be heading to the world of Carnevale when it returns?

"It seems like Carnevale is indeed in some good hands..."

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