TTCombat Build A Statue To Carnevale’s Nobility

November 16, 2017 by dracs

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TTCombat have previewed the 3D print of the Noble Statue they are setting up in the heart of Carnevale's Venice.

Noble Statue

For a statue, this model looks incredibly detailed, with the lace around his collar and coat being particularly impressive. It's almost a shame that it would most likely be painted in metallics, I would love to see it painted as a full miniature.

This is the whole version of the statue, with a ruined alternative featuring the Morgraur-Rashaar also on the way. However, it might not stay whole if this three Pulcinella have anything to say about it.

Painted Pulcinella

The Pulcinella are, perhaps, among the most popular models in Carnevale, so it is good to see them now they have been painted up. It shows off the models to great effect and I am looking forward to seeing more of them capering across the tabletop.

Do you like this statue? How would you choose to paint these models?

"I am looking forward to seeing [the Pulcinella] capering across the tabletop..."

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