TTCombat’s Siege Of The Smallfolk Kickstarter Now Live

March 17, 2021 by brennon

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TTCombat are back on Kickstarter to fund not one, not two, but three different armies as well as a wealth of new terrain and more. The Siege Of The Smallfolk campaign aims to get funding for these 28mm Fantasy miniatures and deliver them by November 2021.

Halfling Army - TTCombat

Halfling Army // TTCombat

Siege Of The Smallfolk Kickstarter

There are a number of different options to choose from when it comes to this campaign and you don't have to buy in at the Army level. This is a good way of showing off some of what the team have to offer though. As well as a whole host of new characters you'll also be able to pick up a collection of rank and file infantry, cavalry, artillery, monsters and more.

The Halfling army has a distinctly Medieval feel to it with heavily clad knights alongside grubby looking peasants. If you're looking for foes for them to face then you've also got their Goblin army.

Goblin Army - TTCombat

Goblin Army // TTCombat

Much like with the Halfling force, this set comes with plenty of excellent looking (and snarling) warriors who are ready to hunt down Halflings and feed them to their monsters! I like that the force is "generic" in that it is a Goblin army that could fit into a range of different settings. The same could certainly be said for the Halflings too.

The third of the big armies that they are working on is the hulking band of Ogres who are getting ready to stomp into battle.

Ogre Army - TTCombat

Ogre Army // TTCombat

This Ogre army looks like it mixes together Ogre aesthetics from Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Dungeons & Dragons. Most of the Ogres are big, fat monsters but you've got a few more in there who are a little leaner and meaner! I do like that they are going all-in on some of these elements with big kits like the Scrap Launcher.

Kickstarter backers are also going to be able to get their hands on these exclusive miniatures as part of the campaign.

Exclusive Command Set - TTCombat

Exclusive Command Set // TTCombat

There is a specific character miniature for each of the three main armies. This means you've got a nice little something to set your army apart from those of your friends.

Monsters & Special Releases!

In addition to the core of these armies getting funding, there are also some larger than life miniatures popping up as part of this campaign. Maybe you like the idea of snagging yourself a dragon?

Mountain Dragon - TTCombat

Mountain Dragon // TTCombat

This Mountain Dragon is just one of the big drakes that they have been tinkering with for this campaign. There are FIVE other dragons that you can choose from, each with its own unique feel that might be fun for roleplayers.

There is also a massive amount of terrain which you can snag from this Kickstarter campaign. Since there is an emphasis on the "siege" element of this Kickstarter you might have guessed that you'll be able to throw a big castle into the mix.

Halfling Mega Fortress - TTCombat

Halfling Mega Fortress // TTCombat

Carnevale and Rumbleslam players have not been left out either as there are new miniatures for them too. The first of these is the Vatican Venator that will feature more in the upcoming Blood On The Water expansion for the game.

Vatican Venitor - Carnevale

Vatican Venitor // Carnevale

For fans of wrestling, you've also got the excellent and very fancy looking Knights Of The Squared Circle.

Knights Of The Squared Circle - Rumbleslam

Knights Of The Squared Circle // Rumbleslam

This set looks like one which deserves some special attention from your brush. I want to see some bronzed bodies for Flexer and Poser and some shimmering armour for Jack Of All Hearts.

Siege Of The Smallfolk Kickstarter Campaign

There is a LOT more to this campaign than what you see here. If you're interested in doing more of a deep dive then you should check out the link above. Make sure to tell us what you like most from this big bundle of releases.

Are you tempted by the Siege Of The Smallfolk Kickstarter?

"There are FIVE other dragons that you can choose from, each with its own unique feel that might be fun for roleplayers..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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