The Vatican Clash With Weird Science In TTCombat’s Carnevale

September 3, 2020 by brennon

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The folks at TTCombat have been showing off some of the new releases coming to the waterways of Carnevale soon. New miniatures for a variety of the factions are starting to spring up starting with these Esoteric Investigators for the Doctors Of The Ospedale.

Esoteric Investigations - Carnevale

Esoteric Investigations // Carnevale

In this set, you'll get a number of new heroes and also some hangers-on who are working alongside them. Leading the way at the front of the pack you have the Doctor Of The Firmament who is able to phase through objects and throw caution to the wind when it comes to that silly thing called reality.

Another of the characters from the set is the Doctor Of Poisons (left) who is rather obviously good at administering poisons and bringing your enemies low in that regard. Matched alongside her you've also got the Apprentice Doctor (right) who likes slicing things up and experimenting and then two Hollowmen who have been turned into their terrible slaves.

These poor fools are Madmen who have been drained of their magic and turned into something entirely different. I wouldn't stand too close to them.

Carnevale's Power Of Faith

The Vatican has also got a bunch of support with new characters stepping up to the plate in heavy armour. This is their Insurgency Force...

Insurgency Force - Carnevale

Insurgency Force // Carnevale

Introduced into the game in this set you've got two French Guard who come in at a low cost but help you bulk out your force. Making up for their rather terrible melee skills you've then got the Avignon Guard who is your typical heavily armed and armoured knight.

The final miniature in the set is the Scorpio Marksman who carries around an absolutely massive crossbow which is used for pinning sinners against the wall so they can be hacked apart by his allies. He even has an Altar Boy with him who helps load the crossbow and help him aim it when the time comes to shoot down his foes.

These miniatures will become available at the end of this week!

"The Vatican has also got a bunch of support with new characters stepping up to the plate in heavy armour..."

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