Vesper-On Bring Baba-Yaga to Carnevale with New Stretch Goals

October 8, 2012 by dracs

Vesper-On have managed to reach their $3,000 target in their Morgraur-Rashaar IndieGoGo campaign, but there is yet still more to entice fans of the game of Venician violence.

Check out these new stretch goals which Vesper-On are now aiming for.

Vesper-On - stretch goals

That's right guys, if the IndieGoGo campaign manages to raise just a little bit more we could soon be seeing the fearsome Baba-Yaga of the Thieves' Guild and the Priesthood of the Cult of Dagon appearing in the streets of Carnevale.

The sketch for Baba-Yaga looks particularly promising, with her flying mortar and pestle being held aloft from the base by the stream of blood cascading out of it. Definitely a fitting miniature for such a renowned and infamous creature of folklore.

If you haven't already donated, be sure to head over to IndieGoGo and pledge your cash now. I want to see Baba-Yaga become reality.

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