Vesper-on Games Mess with Carnevale Necromancy!

June 11, 2012 by brennon

Things are going bump in the night over in Venice with Carnevale. Check out the latest creation from Vesper-on Games and the Ospedale, the Morgue Doctor and The Being!

The Being (Front)

The Being (Rear)

Morgue Doctor & The Being

Morgue Doctor (Front)

Morgue Doctor (Rear)

Drawn from the dark mind of Dr Frankenstein you can certainly see this being a popular model set. I love the way the good 'Doctor' has been transformed from something human into a nightmarish creature simply by adding the mask and removing his hair. It gives the impression of something as hideous and bestial as The Being itself.

The Being too is a great looking model. Dark and brooding and ready to instill fear into those who would doubt its power.

A great set keeping this wave of Carnevale miniatures one to watch.

What do you think of the Morgue Doctor and The Being?

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