Weekender: Star Wars At Salute & Carnevale Chat!

April 18, 2015 by warzan

We've been working away like mad to get the Star Wars: Assault On Hoth (see the VLOG HERE Backstagers) participation game ready for Salute 2015!

Weekender: Star Wars At Salute & Carnevale Chat!

With that in mind we had to sit down with rules maestro Grant Ennis to talk about the plan he's come up with for the game and how it's going to play on the day (including a whole bunch of prizes to give away)!

Carnevale Coming Soon & Win A Bundle!

As well as chatting with Grant, we've had David Esbri in the studio talking about the world of Carnevale and what we can expect to see from the game over the next few months in the wake of their successful Kickstarter.

Don't forget you can also win yourself a Carnevale Bundle by commenting!

Home Raiders Fun

We also got some time to talk about his other game, Home Raiders, where we talk about the various factions that will be in the game to begin with and some of the decisions that went into making the game.

Keep an eye out later on in the show too to see if you were one of the lucky three to win a Warzone: Resurrection Starter Bundle from Prodos Games.

Have a great day!

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