The White Collar Thief Comes to Life in the Carnevale Kickstarter

October 29, 2012 by brennon

The Vesper-On Games Carnevale Kickstarter to produce the mighty Morgraur-Rashaar is nearing its end but they still have one stretch goal to go, so get pledging! In the mean time here is the miniature for The White Collar Thief from the previous stretch goal...

White Collar Thief Miniature

She's looking pretty awesome and very close, if not identical to the concept art. I know a few people last time were put off by the fish barrel, but I suppose she has to be stealing from somewhere and down by the market is the best place of all! She can wind her way through the crowds and steal purses and satchels.

She also looks like she could handle herself in a fight!

Have you pledged towards the Morgraur-Rashaar?

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