Witch Hunters & Mysterious Mages Make Their Way To Carnevale

June 24, 2019 by brennon

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TTCombat has put two more character packs up for pre-order as more folks dive back into the world of Carnevale. The first pair to visit Venice are these Witch Hunters.

Felix Baumgartner & Thomas Thieme - TTCombat

This pairing here is Felix Baumgartner & Thomas Thieme. Both of them serve The Vatican and they are perfect for hunting down the Strigoi and Mages that dwell within the nooks and crannies of Venice.

"Excommunicated from the Church before the Rent in the Sky opened, Felix Baumgertner and Thomas Thieme set out on their own. With beliefs that in the old days were seen as blasphemous, their hunt carried on regardless. Now that the Rent has brought monsters into the world their beliefs have found a new home, and while they might not agree with the zealotry of the new Vatican, they're happy for the opportunity to enter Venice and track down the creatures of the night."

I think both of these characters are very cool indeed. I do love myself a Witch Hunter or two, and I was a big fan of them in the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy. Monster hunters are suddenly very welcome when creatures are dragging innocent folk into the shadows.

Gifted Mage

As well as Felix and Thomas we also have Fadhila.

Fadhila - TTCombat

Fadhila is a gifted mage who is able to work for any faction given the right impetus. She can either control her foes or heal her allies when the time arises.

"A mysterious woman from far off lands, Fadhila keeps her private life exactly that. While she is the very life of parties (parties she's paid to attend), her history and true self are reserved for only her closest confidantes. Unlike her powers! Projecting protective bubbles she is able to shield those close to her from harm, and is always keen to show off her gifts."

Fadhila can also join the Commedia dell'Arte in order to make a full-on warband if you like. It's good to see more of the exotic world being drawn towards Venice and Carnevale. I wonder what's beneath that veil?

What do you think of Fadhila and these Witch Hunters?

"Monster hunters are suddenly very welcome when creatures are dragging innocent folk into the shadows..."

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