Catacombs Board Game Flicks Its Way Around Kickstarter

March 25, 2014 by brennon

Before I begin I should point out that I suck at this game and therefore usually bow out of it when I play it BUT it is one of the best dexterity board games out there. Catacombs by Elzra Corp is on Kickstarter right now looking to fund it's 2nd Edition with totally updated artwork and components.

1st Edition Catacombs

This was how the game looked in it's first iteration. It was somewhat of a throwaway in the looks department even though the game itself was good. The art style was very hit and miss to say the least. However this new edition of the game has changed things up in a whole new way...


Old to New #1

Old to New #2

Old to New #3

The art style has been utterly tweaked to reflect the more zany feel of the game and I think that is the best way to go. It helps that the new artwork is superb too and really brings the game itself to life.

The game involves you picking heroes and flicking your way through a dungeon. Some of your heroes use melee attacks so they have to hit the monster disks to wound them. Others use ranged weapons so the Elf fires a small arrow disk and the Wizard fires off huge fireball ones. It's a very good system.

In return the dungeon is run by a player taking the role of the Master and will be using his monsters to attack back (and they are very nasty indeed!). If the heroes get through all of them they must take on the catacomb lord.

There is a gameplay video on the Kickstarter page for you to check things out in more detail. I suck at the game, but for those of you with deft fingers this is the game for you.

What do you think?

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