Center Stage Show Off Demons & More From The Tome Of Horrors

May 28, 2013 by brennon

Center Stage Miniatures have two updates for both their finished Demons & Devils Kickstarter and their Tome of Horrors one which is sixty seven hours away from finishing...

Purple Worm Diorama


Above are some of the monsters for the Tome of Horrors Kickstarter. The first image is of the Purple Worm Diorama that will be included with all pledges of $200 and above. It will also be an add on to other pledges.

Below that are the Tsathar models at the work-in-progress stage looking like a right rabble of interesting enemies. I love the diorama though, a proper heroic moment in a dungeon delvers life.



As well as that they have some updates from their Demons & Devils Kickstarter which ended last year. Above are Mammon and Asmodeus, some devilish looking additions to the line. I think Asmodeus is a suitably deadly looking dungeon boss.

Did you pledge last year or are you looking to pledge for their Tome of Horrors campaign?

Let us know below!

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