The Razor Coast Is Filled With Center Stage Weresharks

September 28, 2013 by brennon

Center Stage Miniatures have another preview of an upcoming model for the Razor Coast series. See what you think of their newest Wereshark known as the Spawn of Dajobas...

Spawn of Dajobas #1

Spawn of Dajobas (Scale Comparison)

Spawn of Dajobas #2

This is the bigger, tougher cousin of the normal Weresharks that we have seen before from these guys. I have always quite liked the idea of being a Wereshark since the Rokea in World of Darkness and at least now you can do it in the Pathfinder rules.

The one thing I don't like about these kind of Weresharks though, and this is a personal quibble, is the fact that their tails have remained when they transformed into bipedal warriors. It looks like it would get in the way a lot!

It's fine when the tail is longer and thinner as I could see it swishing around but this looks like could get caught underfoot.

Other than that this one is a pretty good showing!

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