Tome Of Horrors II Closes In On Final Funding Hours!

February 28, 2014 by brennon

Center Stage Miniatures are closing in on the final hours of their Tome of Horrors II Kickstarter which is raising yet more money to fund their range of 28mm dungeon monsters for use in role-playing games of all kinds.


Above are some of the initial miniatures that they were aiming for, all creating using a very recognisable old school art style that should evoke feelings of old Dungeons & Dragons modules and Fighting Fantasy books. I think the main thing with Center Stage Miniatures is that they appear to have catered to pretty much any monster you can dream up from the back of the dustiest Monster Manual.

Serpent Sculpt

Dark Stalker

Frost Man


Some of the miniatures have already entered into the sculpting process like the ones you see above. I'm quite partial to that disgustingly awesome Serpent and the creepy looking Fyr at the bottom there. It does make you somewhat uneasy about delving deep into random dungeons with this lot around.

Ferrous Giant

They are somewhat pipped to the post however by the arrival of this rather monolithic Giant that will be stomping around the dungeon trying to stop his shoulder pads getting stuck as he ducks through doorways. You can tell he's a bit 80's and been watching too much Dynasty.

Gargax the Mighty, Lord of the Dungeon Dragons

Rounding things off for this little preview is the arrival of this chap, Gargax the Mighty, who has just been unlocked over on the Kickstarter. He is certainly a fitting tribute to the main man behind all of this dungeon delving fun.

I should admit that a lot of the artwork for these miniatures aren't my cup of tea and it takes something pretty special within these nostalgic designs to get my attention. That's why I think the Giant got my attention. I am much more used to the art style of modern role-playing games that have a slant towards the 'heroic' like World of Warcraft and Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.

That's not to say I don't have an appreciation of the creepy medieval style that Center Stage employ, I just think I like my monsters in different styles.

So chaps, have you pledged?

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