Chainsaw Warrior Heads Into The Jungle With New Video Game

April 18, 2015 by brennon

The team at Auroch Digital have taken the Chainsaw Warrior (an old Games Workshop game) out of New York and plunged him into the Mexican Jungle where he must now fight to save the world on iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux...

Chainsaw Warrior - Lords of the Night

In Lords of the Night...

"It's the year 2035 and the crazed followers of a near-forgotten God have opened a hole into a nightmare dimension. He saved New York in 2032 - can Chainsaw Warrior now save the world? Not only are there swarms of Aztec zmobies, mutants, traps, Moon Cult Agents and other twisted fiends between him and Darkness, time is the enemy too! Only 60 minutes remain to save the world!"

The game uses a very simple dice and card based mechanic where you're drawing through the deck in a race against time fighting off waves of enemies and trying to survive being torn apart by ravaging beasts.

If you're interested in the game then you can check out the Yogscast playthrough of it HERE where they make some questionable decisions!

Have you played the original?

"...he must now fight to save the world on iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux"

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