Play A Proto-Space Marine In Chainsaw Warrior On PC

October 9, 2013 by brennon

If you want to see where 'some' Space Marines came from (apart from books and comics) then see what you think of the return of Chainsaw Warrior on PC thanks to Auroch Digital. Above I could have shown the trailer but I instead added in the WTF from Total Biscuit...

Chainsaw Warrior

Chainsaw Warrior sees you playing a hero who looks an awful lot like a Space Marine (note the 'Chainsword') fighting through an infested New York City in just sixty minutes. Think Fighting Fantasy with more blood, more cards and plenty of ways to die.

Rolling Stats

Comic Book Art

Versus Zombie

As Total Biscuit points out the game is very much driven by luck and although I don't remember the card/board game itself when it was out it does look like it could be pretty brutal if you roll badly. I guess in a way that could be the draw though as you want to go back in and try your luck with a new set of stats and some new weaponry.

This new version of the game is also available on iDevice and Android too so if you want to fight on the go then you can do.

Do you remember this game and are you looking for a nostalgia trip?

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