Chapter House Studios Bring out the TRU-Scale Bitz

May 30, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking for a way to TRU-Scale your miniatures for Sci-Fi wargaming then how about checking out the new kit from Chapter House Studios?

Order of the Empress's Tears Knight TRU-Scale Conversion Kit

This Order of the Empress's Tears kit allows you to build 6 Sci-Fi Knights in TRU-Scale. Obviously from what you can see here you will need to buy some arms, heads and weapons but all of the components are modelled to scale appropriately with 28mm pieces.

Here's what some of your miniatures could look like with another of the TRU-Scale kits...

Assembled TRU-Scale Marines

A full squad of six painted by Worthy Painting looking fairly amazing and with plenty of action in their poses.

Knight Praetorius TRU-Scale Conversion Example

This guy is from the Knight Praetorius Conversion Kit but looks fairly awesome I think you will agree.

So is TRU-Scale something you think you'd go for with your Sci-Fi Knights?

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