Chapter House Improve Their Defences With Three Days To Go

July 22, 2013 by brennon

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Chapter House Studios have had bundles of success with their 28mm Wargaming Defence Kickstarter riding on the back of their success in the court room and providing something that genuinely fills a gap in the market...

Dark Space Elf Defence Line

First up we've seen some changes to the look of the faction barriers and weapon emplacements. Above is an updated Dark Space Elf wall with a rather big gun on the side for taking down aircraft.

Space Bug Weapon Turret

Demon Weapon

Talking of weapons, check out these ones for both Space Bugs and Demons. The Space Bug one looks like it's going to be interchangeable with different weapons but right now it does have a nice eerie look to it.

The Demon weapon is simply a manifestation of some dark power. I like the idea of their defence being living and having a mind of its own when they summon it up.

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