Clearhorizon Drop In The Power Armoured Hell Divers

September 17, 2014 by brennon

Clearhorizon Miniatures have added to their 15mm Sci-Fi range with a selection of Hell Divers that are flying towards Earth in some rather neat looking Power Armour...

Hell Diver in Power Armour with Helmet

Hell Diver in Power Armour

Hell Diver in Power Armour (Scale)

The suits are rather cool and work well when stood next to their existing range of Hell Divers. I do like the 15mm miniatures these guys do and the power armour is another step in the right direction. One thing I'm not too sure of is that the detail looks muddled across the miniature with some areas looking a little 'soft'. Maybe it's just the paint job on them.

Hell Divers Zeta Squad

Do you think you'll be picking these guys up for use in games like Gruntz and others besides? Above are some of the rules for them in games of Gruntz just to get your imagination going to begin with!

Are these for you?

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