ClearHorizon Miniatures Send In 15mm Omega Squad

March 17, 2014 by brennon

ClearHorizon Miniatures are adding to their selection of neat 15mm Sci-Fi figures with the arrival of Omega Squad and a brand new Insertion Team. Both of these teams are going to be hurtling towards the battlefield in drop pods and aboard VTOLs.

Omega Squad #1

Omega Squad #2

First up we have the awesome Omega Squad which I think looks awesome. I love the detail on these quite tiny figures and the paint job that they've done brings them to another level I'd say.

The team comes with a Hacker, Assassin, Colonel, Grizzled Sergeant, Female with SMG and Medic. Sounds like a great team to send into the near-future warzones.

Insertion Team

This is the other additional kit that is coming along well. I like the idea of these VTOL riders and it means that your vehicles don't just become stock things, adding a bit more action to proceedings.

Not a bad haul right?

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