Clockwork Goblin Add A Jump Pack To Their Light Walker

January 2, 2013 by brennon

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures are starting 2013 in style with an awesome look at their Coyote Light Walker armed with jump pack technology! Check it out below...

Coyote Light Walker With Jump Pack

As you can see the standard kit has been given a little bit of a make over and now has a huge hot jump pack on its back. I do love the idea of big walkers like this making jumps into battle, much like in Sucker Punch.

Walker Samples

They also got some of their miniatures back from the foundry and they are looking pretty epic. I'm certainly looking forwards to seeing a whole army completed and painted up on the tabletop.

Are you interested in some Weird World War this new year?

Let me know below.

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